Providing logistics services for the international supply Transit Ltd can perform trading agent functions acting as a foreign trade operator on behalf of the customer.

Assumes the importer/consignee or the exporter/consignor responsibilities liberating the customer of necessity to registrant as the participant of foreign trade activities and to conduct operations required for a consummation of the deal. In this case the customer avoids involving into foreign trade and currency operations, customs procedures and logistical processes, reporting, law enforcement, banking supervision, tax audits, foreign-economic activity participants observance and other inspections.

The foreign trade operator technically replaces the customer in the international trade contract, assumes full responsibilities, risks and cross liabilities of all parties to the contract (the customer and the partner) and commitment to the regulatory authorities and the revenue bodies. The foreign trade operator and the customer’s partner enter into an international purchase and supply agreement and a similar agreement reflecting all the conditions concluded between the customer and the foreign trade operator. This internal agreement duplicates all the conditions, limits actions of the foreign trade operator and allows the customer to manage the transactions shifting off the responsibilities and risks to the operator.