Long distance transportation requires using several modes of transport. Such transport modes combination is called multimodal (or combined) transportation.

Oversized and heavy long distance multimodal transportation is determined by the complexity of the itinerary planning or economic feasibility reasons. Road transport is generally combined with shipping, or rail is combined with road transport, and more complicated variations such as shipping, rail and road modes combined. Multimodal transport is a complex undertaking requiring preparation of multimodal transport project for each mode and all the transshipments.

Railway stations inbuilt lifting facilities are insufficient for heavy cargo transshipment from road to rail transport and vice versa, so special equipment with sufficient cargo capacity is involved and transshipping and securing technologies are developed.

Transshipment from road transport to ship transport and vice versa is handled by roll-on/roll-off method using displaceable or stationary moorings as well as vessels equipped with a horizontal loading system, the so-called roro type vessels.

OOG cargo shipping generally requires involving crane vessels. Oversized and overweight cargo is also transported by roro vessels providing relevant loading.

Shipping can involve not only roro method but conventional vessels, and heavy cargo transshipment requires stationery and displaceable shore-side cranes or floating ones with high lifting capacity.

Combination of different modes of transport is aligned to supply the best possible solution for our customers. We develop the logistics project for the overweight cargo transportation both in Russia and abroad including the transport component, transshipment, special equipment preparation and receiving all the necessary permits.